This campaign is now defunct due to loss of player interest

Oh well, it was an interesting experiement


Olivius is a city-state built on the delta of a great river that flows into a large sea. Olivius is a human city but sees dwarven trade coming down the river from the mountains, elven trade along the green coast, trade from many cities throughout the great sea, and most importantly is protected by a vast wasteland from the hordes of orcs that plague the other cities along the coast. It is ruled by the walking goddess Olivia, for it is the custom of gods to name their cities after themselves. Olivia is a fair and generous god, and the location of Olivius makes it a center of trade, and also a center of learning, scholarship, and art. Where many gods are cruel and petty, Olivia is styled The Wise and encourages her subjects in their pursuits of knowledge and beauty.

Even in Olivius there is poverty and slavery. Those who serve Olivius and govern the city are held on high, living in lavish estates inside and outside the city. But for every rich noble, scholar, or artist, there are a hundred poor men, and a hundred more slaves.

The port of Olivius is grand, with ships of all sizes and shapes sailing and rowing in and out of its harbor. The wide streets are filled with merchants and fish sellers. In the smaller streets and winding alleys off the main roads a sailor can easily find a drink, a bet, or a woman, for the right price. In one such narrow ally there is an entrance to an even narrower alley, a winding flight of stairs and a dirty dark dead-end street. The brothels here employ the old, crippled, or simply ugly, the wine-sinks serve more water than grape, and the gambling more often resembles a knife fight as not. At the end of this alley, nestled in the steaming crotch of a run down brothel lies an inn named The Rat Cellar.



The Rat Cellar

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