Ella Talsoon


Human Female 23


Bella, Human Female 19, tough girl from the streets


Born Noble, Young Lady, Con Woman


  • I miss the finer things in life, wearing delicate silks and playing my harp, I will find my own way back to that life.
  • The gods and the nobility that serve them are cruel. Might does not make right, and I long to see a world where human dignity is the standard rather than the exception.
  • I will locate Pellene and find out what he knows about the information broker’s business. Perhaps I can sell him information or he can help me find new clients.


  • Always keep a hidden knife
  • When among strangers, I always try to appear innocuous
  • Never use your Gift on your friends and loved ones


Mark Of Privilege (+1 Ob slumming), Aura of Innocence (C-O avoid guilt), Appreciation for Beauty


  • Perception B4
  • Will B4
  • Agility B4
  • Speed B4
  • Power B3 (1/0)
  • Forte B5 (1/0)


Reflexes B4, Health B4, Steel B4, Hesitation 6

  • Resources B0
  • Circles B2 (0/1)

Physical Tolerances

Su B3, Li B5, Mi B7, Se B8, Tr B9, Mo B10


  • Apothecary B2
  • Beguiling Touch B3 (0/0/2)
  • Composition B2
  • Disguise B4 (1/0/0)
  • Doctrine B2
  • Etiquette B2
  • Falsehood B4
  • Grift-Wise B3
  • Harp B4
  • Knives B2
  • Persuasion B2
  • Read B2
  • Write B2


Fate 6, Persona 1, Deeds 0


Knives, Clothes, Costumes, Makeup and Wigs, Small Apartment

Cash +1D

Gift of the Gods, Beguiling Touch


  • Mysterious Information Broker
  • Alistair, Distant Lover


  • Distant City Nobility 1D



Old Beliefs

  • I’m conflicted about selling the information I just acquired without knowing the consequences it will bring about. I must find out my employer’s true purpose, and ensure that I trade information in a way that doesn’t wear on my conscience. ( Fate in the Plaza)

Ella Talsoon was born into a minor noble family in a provincial town and enjoyed a privileged upbringing. She would have been a promising match for the son of a far wealthier family in one of the metropolises if not for her radical thoughts on the Gods and nobility. As the only child, her marriage was her father’s highest priority, particularly as Ella was getting older. When Ella was 16, her father spent a small fortune to bless her with a Gift of the Gods. The “Gift” altered her body, allowing her to influence the emotions of others with a mere touch. She was coerced into making Alistair, the heir of the wealthiest house of the Tritanus metropolis, love her. His parents suspected foul play and found out about the gift and her father’s plans. Alistair, smitten with Ella despite knowing the nature of her father’s plots, warned Ella that his family was coming to kill her and that her father was likely already dead. She fled to the distant metropolis of Olivius, relying on little else but her wits and her gift to survive.


Ella Talsoon

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