Pellene Fuomdo


Human Male, Age 20


Born Noble – Student – Scribe


  • Selling information seems profitable, I want to learn more about this broker and how I can get deeper in this action
  • I will make art that pleases me regardless of what others may think.
  • I will make my fortune to regain the esteem of my family.


  • Always try to greet people with good etiquette, it could mean a job
  • Never leave home without your basic drawing tools.
  • Always avoid fighting.


Mark of Privilege(+1 Ob slumming), Near-Sighted (+1 Ob), Cynical


  • Perception B5 (1/0)
  • Will B4
  • Agility B6
  • Speed B4 (1/0)
  • Power B2
  • Forte B4


Reflexes B4, Health B4, Steel B2, Hesitation 6, Resources B1, Circles B2

Physical Tolerances

Su B3, Li B5, Mi B6, Se B7, Tr B8, Mo B9


  • Doctrine B2
  • Etiquette B2 (0/0/1)
  • Falsehood B3
  • Illustrations B5
  • Inconspicuous B3 (0/1/0)
  • Oratory B3
  • Read B4
  • Streetwise B2
  • Write B4


Fate 4, Persona 1, Deeds 0


Clothes, Personal Effects, Small Apartment

Cash +1D

Illustrations Tools, Writing Tools


  • Mysterious Information Broker
  • Dadd


  • Olivius Nobility 1D


  • Skillful but Inappropriate Artist 1D

Pellene was a younger son of a lesser noble family, destined for a life of servitude to the god Olivia. As a student he focused on religious art but was expelled over controversy surrounding some depictions of the gods. Having been shunned by his friends, family, and high society in general, he started taking odd jobs as a scribe continuing his work on illustrations in his spare time. These illustrations were of course along a similar theme as had caused trouble for him in the past. They began circulating among friends and soon he was able to start selling them in the underbelly of the city on the side. His day job kept him informed of many goings on in the city with the scribing of official documents and scholarly texts and the like and he was eventually approached by a group of people interested in learning this information. He found that he could trade secrets for a hefty profit.


Pellene Fuomdo

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