Willem Weissvogel


Human Male, 23 years old


City Born – Student – Archivist


  • That Pellene is probably getting himself into trouble, I should find out what he’s up to.
  • I will study stories and language to give myself insight into others, to indicate that I have a high status, and to hide my embarrassing birth.
  • I need a close relationship with powerful allies.


  • Always keep a meticulous journal of daily events.
  • Always talk, converse, read, or write at every possible moment.
  • Never use vulgar language, and always blush and become uncomfortable when others do.


Believer, Myopic, Affinity for Books and Scrolls (+1D Read), Linguist (CO Foreign Language)


Pe 6, Wi 3, Ag 4, Sp 4, Po 4, Fo 4


Reflexes 4, Health 3, Steel 3, Hesitation 7, Res B0, Cir B1


Su 3, Li 5, Mi 7, Se 8, Tr 9, Mo 10


  • Ancient Languages B3
  • Doctrine B3
  • Foreign Languages B3
  • History B3
  • Library-Wise B3
  • Philosophy B4
  • Read B6
  • Research B5
  • Rule of Law B3
  • Seduction B1
  • Symbology B3
  • Write B5


Fate 3, Persona 1, Deeds 0


Clothes, Personal Effects, Glasses, Small Apartment

Paper and ink


  • Jenny, bitter x-girlfriend




Willem was born in the city of Olivius. As a boy he taught himself to read, a rare gift, and avidly read any texts he could find, most of which were religious in nature. As a young man he pledged his service to the faith and his literacy secured him a place in a religious school generally attended by second born nobles. He studied under an influential teacher named Friar Karol, who he admired greatly but who paid him little mind. It was at that school that he first met Pellene, a nuisance that always rubbed him the wrong way, but also secretly peaked his curiosity. Willem moved on from his studies to become an archivist, cataloging and studying religious texts and civic records. He keeps a journal and meticulous records of nearly everything. A bibliophile, he loves reading, hearing, and telling stories, and studying languages.


Willem Weissvogel

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