Beguiling Touch


Beguiling Touch is a Gift of the Gods, a bit of divine “magic” granted to only the most loyal and worthy of subjects.

This particular gift allows the owner to excrete pheromonal fluids from the palms of their hands. They have access to a new skill called Beguiling Touch, rooted in Will. They can use this skill to cause the subject to be overcome with one of three emotions: lust, aggression, or disgust. The obstacle is the subjects Will exponent.

This skill can be used within a few paces of a breathing individual at double obstacle penalty. Touching the target removes the double obstacle penalty. Touching the target’s mouth grants a 1D advantage on top of any other FoRKs or advantages.

Each time this skill is used test Forte at Ob 3. If you fail, then this skill cannot be used again until the user eats and sleeps.


Beguiling Touch

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