Human Female 17


City Born, Urchin, Serving Wench


  • Picking pockets may have been good as a child, but the only way in this town is to be smart and beautiful. I will find someone to help me learn more so I don’t end up in the Rat Cellar for the rest of my life.
  • Beefy Tom still hurts young children at the Sacred Heart orphanage. He must pay for the lives he’s ruined.
  • Bella seems to be the type of woman who knows how to get what she wants. I will see if she can help me find the farm Fabine is at and get him free.


  • Whenever there seems to be mortal peril, I scratch my scar without thinking about it.
  • Always look for and find the exit, whether in conversation, a place or a situation.
  • Always keep a dagger in both boots and never forget to sharpen them at night.


Fleet of Foot (C-O Speed), Drop Dead Gorgeous, Scarred, Cynical


  • Perception B5
  • Will B3 (0/1)
  • Agility B5
  • Speed B5 (1/0)
  • Power B3
  • Forte B3


Reflexes B5, Health B2, Steel B4, Hesitation 7, Resources B0, Circles B1

Physical Tolerances

Su B2, Li B4, Mi B6, Se B7, Tr B8, Mo B9


  • Brawling B3
  • Customer-Wise B2 (0/2/1)
  • Falsehood B2 (0/1/0)
  • Inconspicuous B3 (0/0/1)
  • Sleight of Hand B3 (1/0/0)
  • Soothing Platitudes B1 (0/0/1:2/1/0)
  • Stealthy B3 (0/0/1:1/0/0)
  • Streetwise B4 (0/1/0)


  • Disguise 1


Fate 2, Persona 3, Deeds 0


Clothes, Knife


  • Fabine: mentor, friend, and maybe even first love, arrested during a botched job
  • “Beefy” Tom: Cook at the Sacred Heart orphanage



  • Trouble 1D


Old Beliefs

  • Fabine may be dead, but he’s still alive in my heart. If he is alive, I will find him. ( Fate in the Plaza)

Simply known as Kat, her family and place of birth are unknown. Her first memory is of the Sacred Heart orphanage in Olivius. Full of hope, wonder and trust, Kat dreamed her parents were a princess and prince who would one day find their beloved lost daughter and sweep her back to the world she knew she belonged to. It didn’t take long for her to awake. At the age of six she was assigned to the kitchen where she was beaten daily by the head cook, Beefy Tom, for her daydreaming. The beatings continued and she watched as one by one the older orphans were sold off as slaves to be oarsmen, field workers, and even whores. At ten she caught the cook watching her bathe, she realized then that she was beautiful and it was only a matter of time before she was sold to some brothel for training. She decided she could take no more of this life and began plotting her escape. She turned to her closest friend, Kate, for help, but was betrayed the night of her attempt. The cook caught her, held her down, and cut her from temple to cheek as a reminder that he would always be watching her. She learned to trust no one that night. 2 years later, when she plotted her escape again, she told no one and succeeded.

Left to fend for herself on the streets of Olivius, she learned that quick hands, feet, and eyes were the only way for her to survive. This is how she met Fabine (Fay-been). He was not much older than her, but he had been on the streets longer. Over the next two years, he ran the streets with her and taught her what he knew. He taught her how to blend into a crowd, how to steal out of the pockets of unaware citizens, and how to slip into dark alleys and escape unseen. She was caught a few times, but her ability to slip from a guardsmen’s’ grasp or outrun a bounty hunter gave her the name “the Kat” among those on the street. Unfortunately, it was during one of those botched jobs that Fabine was apprehended by the Olivius guards. She never saw him again.

Without Fabine she couldn’t bring in as much coin from the pockets of strangers. She didn’t want to make new friends and quickly found herself in conflict with other local pickpockets. She decided that she wasn’t a child to be scampering the streets as an urchin anymore, she was nearly a grown woman, and despite her scar, she was beautiful. She decided to make her living as a serving wench. But every job she didn’t quit to escape lecherous owners or snobby customers she was fired from for her bad attitude. Finally she wound up in the Rat Cellar. A dump. They gave her a bed in a dank closet, which was something, but barely enough coin to eat. She worked the streets during the day to afford food and rags to wear, but it was not enough. Not for her. Not for the daydreaming girl she was. She was 17 now, in her prime, and she wanted more from her life than this.


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